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One of our core principles is the belief that the outdoors should be accessible to all. To help all of society achieve this, we have made created the Adaptive Adventurers grant, designed to provide funding opportunities to enable those facing barriers from accessing the outdoors. We welcome applications from anyone facing challenges accessing the outdoors; whether it be from a barrier of physical disability, meaning specialised kit is required, to those in need of therapy to overcome a fear or experience connected to the outdoors, and much more.

Our grants rely on donation and fundraising. Grants of upto £500 will be made accessible to applicants whom our selection board select as succesful



We love to receive applications from all walks of life. To prevent unnecessary barriers to entry, we try and take the complication away from applying, because we recognise that we have different constraints on our ability to complete lengthy applications. 

Our selection committee meet monthly to review applications, so expect to wait upto 4 weeks for an outcome. We are sadly unable to help all applicants, so please give us as much info as you can, to help assist our decision. We love seeing creativity and passion too, so if you want to submit additional information, media etc, please email

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